GMP Labs™ is a 4-Year Master Home Builder Apprenticeship Program based in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood. Our program provides disadvantaged youth the opportunity to enroll in a four-year Master Homebuilder Apprenticeship program whereby, over the course of four years, they will have the opportunity to participate in the ground-up construction of a total of eight affordable single-family homes that will be made available for sale to residents of their own community.

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"During my time as an apprentice it's really opened my eyes to the hard work that goes into building and renovating, from the framing to putting in doors, it's all been a great experience and I'm still excited to learn more."

— Brady, 2nd Year Apprentice

"I feel like I've gained strong work ethic in my first year and appreciation of all the work it takes to build houses, learning how to frame and drywall will definitely benefit me outside of work and I'm happy to continue learning"

— Blake, 1st Year Apprentice