triple bottom line

While there are countless numbers of worthy organizations looking for support, GMP Labs operates keeping a triple bottom line in mind. By supporting us, your donation will help generate 1) Positive Economic Impact 2) Favorable Social Outcomes and 3) Environmental Sustainability:


Economic Impact

Every dollar invested in GMP Labs is leveraged to achieve $1,214 in economic impact. For example, making a $60,000 investment to sponsor 1 student for their 4-year apprenticeship achieves this result by delivering three key outcomes: 1) It gets them off the street, into class and then to work 2) The student achieves economic viability from 4 years of guaranteed employment 3) The community is relieved of the financial burden resulting from the student’s consumption of taxpayer-funded, governmental services related to incarceration, homelessness and/or trafficking.


Social Outcomes

We provide a multi-faceted solution uniquely designed to solve the problems faced by the at risk population identified by our partner organizations. Our workforce development and vocational training academy, along with its affordable housing component, will create not just Economic Viability, but Financial Independence, Self-Sufficiency and Personal Wealth.


Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and making a positive Environmental Impact. To this end, we will seek LEED Gold certification for our main training facility as well as for each and every affordable home built by our students and delivered to market. This approach keeps the homes affordable well-after purchase by minimizing utility costs, as well as providing a marketing niche for our students whose Master Homebuilder Apprenticeship education and future employment opportunities will be further-enhanced by attaining proficiency in LEED building techniques.