Financial Advisor, Sigma Financial Corporation

Having spent 20 years working with nonprofits of different shapes and sizes in Chicago and Atlanta, Joseph is driven by a dual passion for racial equity and economic justice. Throughout his career, he has served in various leadership roles in nonprofit organizations, including serving twice as an Executive Director, where he led both turnarounds and startups. In 2018, Joseph transitioned to the financial sector, where he is committed to helping everyday people realize their hopes and dreams for financial success. The common thread for Joseph is and has always been the experience of seeing people and leaders from all walks of life overcome barriers to live the lives they’ve only dreamed of while making a positive impact in the world. The vision for GMP Labs’ construction trades training program began when Joseph approached Steve Searles in the spring of 2017 with an idea to help move young Chicagoans facing the prospect of homelessness to a place of economic self-sufficiency by providing them with employable skills and living-wage jobs. Through his role on the board, Joseph is helping make that dream a reality.